Sun, Jan 10, 2016
Renewal for the Double Mind
by Bryan Buttram
Series: Sunday Sermons

Renewal for the Double Mind

How do you normally react to stressful circumstances and unpleasant memories?   The Bible says to count it all joy.  Still, what if you habitually dwell on negative thoughts and covetous desires?  Although you are a Christian and think of yourself as a good person, you can choose to dwell on bad or sad thoughts.  Your brain will tend to manifest the strongest patterns of prior responses.  You can choose to strengthen the good and weaken the bad.  If you nurture both, you instead become double-minded.  You don’t have to let sinful desires become implanted in your brain.  (James 1).

Corrupting memories and sinful habits are the result of repetitious thinking and choices.  This pattern can be interrupted in order to develop new, righteous memories and habits.  Within the same day you form a bad thought, modify it by rethinking good thoughts.  You are not forever determined by the manifestations of your brain.  You can choose for better instead of worse.   The new better thoughts will be like seeds that can be nurture into a fruit tree by consistent thinking, choices and actions.   Thus, choose to renew your mind daily though prayer, wisdom and being led by the Spirit.  Visualize the character and lifestyle that comes from being transformed, and think of ways to talk, write about, and practice the new you.

Through reflection on God’s thoughts you can immediately reset your brain for renewal.  Align your thinking about your life with God’s vision for you, to be among the first fruits of his creatures.  Plant the wisdom of his word within your lasting memories.  Eliminate your double-mindedness and you can make significant progress within a couple of months.  Persevere in being transformed by the renewal of your mind, and the mental tree of a renewed memory will regularly realize the fruit of righteousness in season.  (Romans 12:1-2; Psalm 1; and Psalm 16:7).

By Bryan Buttram