Sun, Jan 03, 2016
Resolves for Living in this Present Age
by Bryan Buttram
Series: Sunday Sermons

The most recent movie of the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens awakened the Force again.  George Lucas, known for creating the saga, admitted he put the Force in Star Wars to awaken spirituality in young people; more of belief in God than a religious system.  In the movies this energy field around and within all living things is utilized for paranormal and Samurai fighting skills by the light and dark sides of the Force.  (

Do you also think there is need for a spiritual awakening in youth –and adults too?  It appears many do not care; or they care but are distracted while satisfying their desires by less noble things.  They need a spiritual awakening to God.  God is Spirit, the source and force of life.  God fully meets the human need for light and joy in this often dark and troublesome world.  (Genesis 1:1-3, John 1:1-18, 1 John 1:1-4).

The Bible is more interesting than any movie.  It captures the true human saga, both the light side and the dark side.  Its timeless message awakens the best in humans, to really care, because life and purpose is worth caring about.  People who don’t care about the meaning of life, or who continue to be distracted by things of lesser significance, fail to appreciate the gift of existence.  Our Creator is worthy of our honor and our continual thanksgiving for His plans and gifts for our life and destiny.  (Romans 1:18-21, Acts 17:22-31).

You can make resolutions any time, not just at the start of a New Year.  If you tend not to make resolutions, it could be you are failing to inspire yourself with what is truly significant.  Thus, I encourage you to go with any wholesome resolution that’s really significant for improving your wellbeing and relationships.  Will you also resolve to wake up to the importance of your spiritual transformation?

At the heart of spiritual transformation is the resolve to be transformed by the renewal of your mind based upon God’s revelation of his mercies toward us.  In spite of the human lack of appreciation for God’s light, and willful propensity to stray into the darkness away from God’s wisdom; God loves for God is love.  Because you may choose to disregard or embrace God’s love, you may continue in conformity to this world’s dark side, or choose to thoughtfully give your body and life to the light of this world, Christ?  (Proverbs 4:20-27, Romans 12:1-5).

God’s highest and most powerful thoughts for blessing our lives forever are about His love for us through His only eternal Son Jesus.   Sadly, many neglect this positive force of true spirituality because they are more impressed by the temporary attractions of this age than God’s thoughts for their renewal for an eternal future without the dark side.  So, will you resolve now to start paying attention to God’s thoughts for the transformation of your life by the renewal of your mind?  (Matthew 6:19-34, Ephesians 1:1-14, Colossians 1:24-2:10).