Toys should be tough because they’re made for kids.  Alas, Dave’s little girl easily, accidentally broke her doll's arm.  Amy cried but hope was not lost, for she knew her daddy cared.  So Amy picked up her broken doll with its dislocated arm.  As steady as a soldier presenting arms for her commander’s inspection, she held out her precious doll to her father.  “Please fix it,” Amy pleaded with simple, earnest trust.  Her dad popped the socket of the arm securely into the shoulder.  Amy smiled and cheered, “Thank you daddy!”  When Dave told me this story, I had no children.  Now after raising five children I know the joy he felt in that moment.  A tear of joy appeared as he related, “That must be the joy our heavenly Father feels when we in simple, earnest trust present our cares and hopes to him.”

Copyright © March 9, 2011 by Bryan Buttram.

To read the Bible about this belief, pass your pointer over these verses of scripture: Matthew 19:13-15, Luke 11:11-13 and 1 Peter 5:6-7. If you need but cannot afford a Bible, please contact us so we may give you a Bible.


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