We are including among our sermon lessons the audio sermons of Billy McGuiggan, who spoke for us in our recent gospel meeting beginning on 9/11.  A native of Ireland, Billy lives in Natick, Mass. with his wife and children.  He loves and serves Jesus, preaching for the Natick Church of Christ.  Billy has preached Jesus at the Pepperdine University Lectureships, Ohio Valley University and numerous churches and youth rallies.  Billy’s lessons will engage you with what Jesus would love for you.  We know you will be blessed by hearing Billy’s passion for Jesus.


Following are the six lessons of Billy’s sermon series.


Jesus Would Love to Give You Confidence.  Your faith in Jesus is valuable and effective because Jesus is real, he’s alive and he is the Messiah, the Son of God.  A striking feature of the gospel stories about Jesus is that people look to him in faith and he did not disappoint them.  Jesus will not disappoint the seeking sinner, but Jesus forgives and assures our hearts.  Know and trust Jesus and he will not disappoint.


Jesus Would Love to Have a Relationship with You.  Many people practice religion but fail to understand the heart of God.  God is not as impressed with doctrinal knowledge about him as he is pleased with actions of love that honors God because we know and appreciate His love for us.


Jesus Would Love to Give You Hope.  On 9/11/2001 terror struck our nation causing grief and cries for justice.  While honoring the dead many prayed for the comfort of hurting families and for a safer world.  Ten years later we may feel safer but we see how troubled this world is.  We met on 9/11/2011 to affirm in prayer and worship that Jesus is the solution for the world’s troubles.  Jesus would love to give you hope.  Receive renewed hope in the victory of Jesus over death through his resurrection from the dead.


Jesus Would Love You to Help the Hurting .  The things that hurt in this life touch and concern everyone; but some help more deeply and longer because they lack encouragement.  Realize the power in speaking encouraging words and providing help that refreshes a person’s soul.  If you are out to change your world, this is how you do it.


Jesus Would Love You to Tell Others about Him  Hardly anyone keeps quiet about a great experience.  If Jesus really does answers prayers, heals the sick, restores people to a right mind and cleanses sins; it’s something to talk about.


Jesus Would Love for You to Come Home.  Home is more than a house; for it is family and the times we enjoy together.  God’s house is our eternal home, and we make the choice to return to our Father.  Our Father loves us and is looking for our return to Him.

[NOTE:  To hear Billy McGuiggan's sermons please follow the sermon link "More Sermons".]


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